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Red green soup

Eat Something,Flavour Of The Month

Out of the fridge by Brice O’Neill   A lot of cooks dread the holiday season as it means much longer days and the very real possibility of split shifts. You know all those super fun Christmas parties you go to with your friends, spouses and coworkers? Yes, we get to make

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Keeping things straight in the kitchen.

Eat Something

“Coming down, I’ve got three New Yorks, one mid, one mid-rare, one mid-well, three bakers, one Cordon and a Hunter Schnitzel! Then let’s go on those two mids I called, like, ten damn minutes ago! I also want two squeezers, go on table 12.” Get all that? Easy, eh? Now imagine you’re six hours into

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The importance of wearing the chef’s masks

Eat Something,Taste This

By: Brice O'Neil “Look down!” he said, in his now familiar German accent, slurred from hours of drinking. As I looked towards the floor, my Chef — aka ‘The Boss’ — leaned in closer to my ear, which he did regularly for added effect. “Your apron…it’s filthy!” he hissed. As my gaze shifted downward to my apron, I noticed that it was, indeed, stained from the hours I’d endured

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