Introducing the newest addition to The Stew

Featured Artist, Flavour Of The Month | October 14 2018


Hello readers, I know there has been a fair amount of buzz around town about what’s  going on over at The Stew Magazine, so I’d like to introduce myself! I’m Wayne Roraph, the new owner of The Stew Magazine. I will be drawing on my previous experiences to carry The Stew forward.
In my early twenties, I was faced with a hard decision that would change my life. I was in a serious car accident that left me unable to walk and facing a career change. I could no longer work at my job and needed to find a new career.
I come from an artistic family and have always loved drawing and creating, so I decided to go to school for graphic design. When the doctors had told me I would never walk again, this seemed like the logical choice for a career change. Then after two years of rehabilitation I was fortunately able to walk again, but the career change was a decision that I would never regret.
I had worked at sign shops in the past, but never had any formal training. After completing my degree in Graphic Design and Desktop Publishing, I began my new career almost 30 years ago.
I moved to the Cariboo almost 20 years ago, seeking a slower paced lifestyle and drawn to the beauty of the area. While I continued to design and manage websites, I also worked at sign shops and a newspaper. In my spare time I volunteered at Eagle Motorplex, South Cariboo Museum Society and was President of the Economic Development Society in Clinton.
My design company, Roraph Graphics, has been in business for almost 15 years. I now reside in Williams Lake with my wife Juanita and daughter Chance. I also currently work for Tell-Tale Signs & Printing, where I met the previous Stew Magazine owners, Craig and Christa Smith.
When passing the torch to Craig and Christa, the original owner Todd Sullivan told them that when he started The Stew Magazine he had said, “Hey, this is your voice, we hope you want to listen,” and told them, “I hope that ‘s something that will never die.” I want to reassure The Stew readers that I will continue as Craig and Christa did, keeping The Stew a place to inform and showcase all that the Cariboo has to offer.
To our writers and advertisers, I want to thank you for supporting The Stew and helping to make it what it has become. I look forward to working with you! To our loyal readership, thank you for picking up The Stew every month for more of what The Stew has become known for – interesting and informative content about locally relevant topics, focusing on arts, entertainment, leisure and recreation in the Cariboo! You all are the ingredients that make The Stew Magazine a continued success.

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