The delicious artistry of Taylor Made Cakes

Featured Artist, Flavour Of The Month | October 26 2018

In keeping with our ‘dessert’ theme of the month, it only seemed fitting that we
have a confectioner as the feature of the month. Brenda Taylor is the baker, cake
artist, and owner behind Taylor Made Cakes, and she is a master at creating and
designing wonderful, edible works of art.
Brenda grew up in the Chilcotin at Anahim Lake. She went to high school here in
Williams Lake. For the next 10 years she lived and worked in Vancouver doing everything
from retail and wholesale lighting to working at a bakery in West Vancouver, where she
got her start as a baker, making cookies, muffins, and tarts along with many other
delightful treats.
With Williams Lake in her roots, Brenda made the move back to town. This is when she
met and married Dale Taylor and had two children, Abbi, and Benn. After working in
insurance and raising her family. Brenda said, “I decided that I just needed a change
so I took some time off.”
When asked how she got her start in cakes and baking Brenda said, “It all just
started as a hobby, at 14-years-old I made my first 3D car cake and mostly did birthday
“If you draw me a picture I will make a cake.”
It’s now 6 years they have owned Taylor Made Cakes. Building on what she loves and
is good at, Brenda has built a successful and thriving business. Even though Brenda is
the artist behind the treats and cakes at Taylor Made she says, “This is very much a
family business.” With husband of 25 years Dale Taylor by her side, she also has the
kids, and her dad, helping and supporting her.
Craig remembers volunteering with Brenda’s husband Dale at many Timberwolves Junior
Hockey games, getting surprised by a gift of a giant cookie from Brenda. She would do
this quite often for all the volunteers at these hockey games well before she even
started Taylor Made Cakes. Craig said he mentioned at that time that she should be
selling them. Who would have thought years later that she would be?
Looking for a treat that’s filled with heart, art, and design? Stop by Taylor Made
Cakes. “Taylor Made” is more than just cakes, it also includes fresh sandwiches,
breads, buns, and ice cream. Be sure to drop by and check out the wide selection of
baked goodies, enjoy the aroma, and remember every batch is made from scratch!

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