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The importance of wearing the chef’s masks

Eat Something,Taste This

By: Brice O'Neil “Look down!” he said, in his now familiar German accent, slurred from hours of drinking. As I looked towards the floor, my Chef — aka ‘The Boss’ — leaned in closer to my ear, which he did regularly for added effect. “Your apron…it’s filthy!” he hissed. As my gaze shifted downward to my apron, I noticed that it was, indeed, stained from the hours I’d endured

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Carving Out of the Fridge – September 2013

Taste This

When Craig told me that this month’s issue of The Stew Magazine was dedicated to ‘carving’ and he said, “Oh, and by the way, I need your copy by Friday and today is Wednesday,” I kinda cringed. I wasn’t so much shuddering at the deadline, just the subject matter — carving.

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