Carving out our way

Flavour Of The Month, You Speak | September 09 2013

Well the proverbial torch has been passed, so to speak, and now it’s time for us to start carving  our own way. Taking on this venture was something that we didn’t even have to think twice about, it just fit with our philosophy of life, and that is to make as much out of every
experience as possible. The thought of having a publication that was all about experiences and what life has to offer just sealed the deal.
Our vision for the future is all about finding that little something that will intrigue and entice our readers with a new experience.  One step at a time, one issue at a time, The Stew Magazine will take a shape that is inspired by our vision and dream of bringing our readers
new experiences and opportunities for enjoying what life in our region has to offer. The arts, recreation, leisure, and entertainment take
on many forms. It is our vision that The Stew be the conduit to all that is, or can be made, an experience.


We want people to pick up a magazine and be inspired to make the most of every day, find enjoyment in new things, and re-experience old ones.  It is what drives us to find a little bit of something for everyone within our magazine. We believe that life is too short to waste on regret and things that have been missed; instead it is an opportunity to seize the moment and make the most of it. This new venture
and opportunity to carve out our way is going to be quite the ride and we hope that all of our valued readers will come along.
It is because of all of you, and the longing deep down inside of us all for adventure, that we set out on this next great journey. Let us see where the journey will lead. As for the fork in the road, or rather the spoon in the stew pot that has stirred in a new direction, we would like to extend a very heartfelt thank you to Todd Sullivan and Juli Harland, former owners of this magazine. The Stew conception and
last few years have been their brew of passions and it is with enthusiastic anticipation that we take the spoon and begin to stir up a new
stew and more food for thought.

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See you next month

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